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Classroom Discipline and Management Essay

  • Submitted by: krob1984
  • on September 21, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Classroom Discipline and Management" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This an paper for an education class that is about classroom discipline and management.

Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related

In a classroom it is very important to establish order for you students to function properly and learn. What comes into to question is what a teacher really needs in order to maintain a positive environment for learning. Would a teacher need discipline or just management or both?   You also have to have an understanding about behavior and misbehavior. This was you will have a clear understanding what you are trying to manage or discipline. In order to understand and formerly make a decision you have to define each term in order to take them in the right context.

Discipline is defined by our text as teachers’ efforts to maintain classroom decorum and secure studnets’ cooperation in learning and exercising self control[i]. In other words the teacher is maintaining order in his/her classroom   so all of the students will have the opportunity to learn and express themselves in an orderly fashion.   An example of a teacher establishing discipline in their classroom would be the posting classroom rules and consequences so students will understand them. The rules can be established in many different ways. Personally I feel that your students should be involved with creating the rules. This way they will be in a language they are familiar with and it would be easier for them to remember.

Classroom management is at times interchangeable with discipline[ii].   Classroom management is the main idea and discipline falls underneath. Management not only involves establishing rules but also the routine of the classroom. The routine that students follow every day from the moment they walk into the door till they leave helps for them to stay on track. This is especially useful for younger students considering they usually have shorter attention spans....

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