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Client Case Study

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Case Study # 1
Janet is a 28 year female who is currently retained at the Ford Correctional Facility for her third possession of a controlled substance, crack cocaine charge in four years.   Janet is married with three children; however, she has been separated from her husband and children for over three years due to her addiction and incarceration. She has met neither the substance abuse recovery at the outpatient program nor the visitation requirements through CPS at the home of her husband. CPS is currently undergoing possible revocation of her parental rights if she does not adhere to the court-ordered requirements of successful completion of a substance abuse program. Her husband has called to inquire about her status and has stated that he loves her and is willing to support her in any way possible. The husband is not willing to let her come home until she gets some help with her addiction. She has little or no support from her parents. The parents have been known in the past to be enablers, giving her money upon request and bailing her out of trouble, however, they are no longer willing to help her and have lost faith in the possibility of her recovery. Most friends she has are users or dealers, and due to her excessive and lengthy drug use, she is often recognized and approached by such friends who try to persuade her to use again. She has stated that she knows of many places to get drugs.
She has been court-mandated to incarceration with treatment at the Felony S.A.T.P. program available for inmates. She also has a history of drug related charges such as prostitution, theft, possession of paraphernalia, and shoplifting. She has stated that the crimes that she has committed were mostly in effort to use drugs. She has been an addict for over 10 years and has suffered many legal and family problems behind her addictions. She has attempted two outpatient treatment programs, the first of which was voluntary and the second referred by Child Protective...

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