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Climate Change Essay

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Climate Change
In the opening of the article “Why so much climate change is hot air” by William Kininmonth there are numerous diverse opinions on the affects of global warming in relation to health risks and environmental impacts. There are some concerns of tropical disease becoming an issue to Australians, due to the rise in global warming. On the other-hand, some experts believe that diseases aren’t controlled by the climate as they are maintained by developing high-quality community health management.
The title from the article “There are too many people on this overcrowded planet” by Kathleen Roberts, A Higgins and David Hurry pretty much says it all. Each author puts forward their opinion on why the world is overcrowded and how it’s affects on global warming.  
While both articles, “Why so much climate change is hot air” by Kininmonth, and “There are too many people on this overcrowded planet” by Roberts, Higgins and Hurry emphasize the importance of climate change, they both differ by one article focusing more so on the ramifications of global warming, while the other article gives more attention to what has been part of the cause of climate change.  
All three authors from the article, “There are too many people on this overcrowded planet,” put emphasis on the fact that increasing amounts of couples are having multiple children. Therefore these couples are contributing more so than others to the serious issue of global warming. These authors believe the more humans brought into this world, the more pollution, the more we create irreversible damage to the ozone. Roberts on the whole suggests for there to be a limit as to how many children each couple have and to even possible consider having no children at all.  
It is not all doom and gloom as fortunately the spectacular coral coasts and islands off Australia continually manage to withstand the ups and downs from the affects of climate change, and Kininmonth, author of the article “Why so much...

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