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Climate Change and the Maya Collapse – the Rationale and Message for Us Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Climate Change and the Maya Collapse – the Rationale and Message for Us" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Nowadays the concept of global warming is starting to build in the public’s mind. However, the bigger issue behind, climate change, still only receives little attention. The climate has been changing from time to time and it is affecting human since day one of human existence, but humans do not care much of what is happening until extreme events caused direct impact on us. Therefore, understanding the relationship between humans and climate change is very important.

This paper attempts to investigate the downfall of the Maya civilization and the role climate change is playing in the population collapse. By reviewing books and literatures, we look at the relationship between climate change and the Mayans, climate change’s impact on the mystical population’s society and daily lives, thus find out the reason of the collapse of the Mayans, one of the most cultural advanced group of people in that time.

By looking at the story of the Mayans, we can learn a little bit more of climate change and its impact on humans. And from the experience of Maya, human could learn how to cope with climate change and live with the environment peacefully.

This paper will first look at background of the Maya, including the environment they live in, the way Mayans lived, and then discuss how climate change interact with the Maya society and the subsequent collapse. After that, we will discuss how the Maya story implies on nowadays’ human society and current situation. It will end by concluding the findings of the research and summarizing future implications for humans to cope with climate change.

The Maya Environment
To begin, lets look at the environment where the Mayans lived in. The Maya was located in the Yucatán Peninsula of the Mexico, and extending to nearby areas of the Central American region, including Belize, Guatemala and the very western part of Honduras. Geographically, they lie between 17° to 22°N, which can be considered as a “seasonal...

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