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Climate Changes Essay

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Below is an essay on "Climate Changes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

            In our world there are two factors that contribute to Earth’s climate change. One being human factors, the second being non-human factors, and of course there is always a way to diminish the impact of human factors on mother Earth’s climate change.

            We as humans have an impact on everything in our world, especially the climate changes; we have polluted holes into the ozone layer; thus, creating global warming and melting ice glaciers. I’m sure everyone knows that man made factories are a huge factor in effecting climate change, in an article I discovered on (Yahoo.com) it indicates that man made factories conduct open burning and of course those fumes rise to sky and into the ozone layer, literally “burning holes” into the ozone layer. Another factor that has hugely impacted the climate change is the use of vehicles. Whether a vehicle be big or small, semi truck or plane, the gasoline an jet fuel used in these vehicles of transportation emit a smoke out of the back of the vehicles; consequently, building gunk in the oxygen we breathe causing health problems, and also, creating climate complications by educing global warming more than it already has because the ozone layer gets thinner, and the sun’s rays penetrate the earth stronger. What humans also do to contribute to climate change would be land use, whether it is to harvest livestock, make buildings, etc. deforestation is what humans do. According to (Wikipedia.com) deforestation is a major cause for “Global warming” and “Tropical deforestation is responsible for approximately 20% of world greenhouse gas emissions.” There is nothing else that is manmade that is so harmful to our climate change then deforestation.

            Greenhouse gases are also created by non-human factors such as animals and plants. Methane is a Greenhouse gas produced in swamps and bogs according to an article on greenhouse gases on (homeguides.sfgate.com). Animals and other organisms, like plants, produce...

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