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Clinical Depression Therapies Essay

  • Submitted by: Lexie453
  • on February 17, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Clinical Depression Therapies" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It seems like there is a pill for everything, but how can a pill cure something psychological like clinical depression? Would therapy be a better option for treatment? Or what about a combination of medication and therapy? There are many other treatments for depression, but not one single treatment will work for everyone.

First, before you can even think about depression treatment you must be diagnosed with clinical depression. What is clinical depression? Clinical depression is only one form of depression. There are many others such as postpartum, manic, and anxiety depression. All forms of depression have their own specific qualities but what separates clinical depression from the others is its severeness. It is defined as an overall lack of interest in everything. Suicide is most likely a result from this kind of depression. Other symptoms include; weight loss, weight gain, changes in sleeping patterns, fatigue, slowed thought process, and feeling worthless (Mayo Foundation, 2011).

Depression can be caused by a variety of things. One cause is loss of a loved one or some other life changing event. These situations are life altering and overwhelming to try to cope with. Another cause is hormone imbalances. It is thought that an imbalance of the brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine can sometimes cause depression (WebMD, 2011). These chemicals called neurotransmitters may play a role in feelings of pleasure and positive mood states (Otsuka, 2011). Depression isn’t always a illness but sometimes a symptom of a underlying medical problem. For example, hypothyroidism, which is a under active condition of the thyroid gland, can cause a feeling of depression but is not true clinical depression (Saisan, 2011). Feeling depressed is a possible side effect of drug interactions (Health, 2011). Therefore people who take many medications should be warned of this side effect and told to report to their doctor if they feel they are becoming depressed.

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