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Cloud Computing Essay

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Cloud computing is given its name because it refers to computing over the Internet.   When we see diagrams that depict the internet, they are normally represented by a cloud, therefore; cloud computing is an appropriate name. (Dave 2009)   Cloud computing enables on demand network access to shared pools of configurable resources such as, networks, servers, applications, storage devices, and services.   These resources can be provisioned and released with minimal effort on the part of the customer and the service provider.   There are five essential characteristics of cloud computing.   1. On-demand self service - allows an organization to monitor and manage their resources as needed without the assistance of human administrators.   2. Broad network access – means that service has the flexibility to be provided over standard networks and specifically defined networks.   3. Rapid scalability– allows organizations to scale up and down very quickly on an as needed basis.   4. Resource Pooling – resources shared over multiple applications and devices in a non-dedicated manner.   5. Measured service – used to track the utilization of resources by individuals, organizations, or applications. (Demarest and Wang 2010)  
There are three main service models used in cloud computing.   First, and probably the most popular model is called Software as a Service (SaaS).   SaaS provides software services through the browser.   Software service providers allow individuals and organizations on-demand access to common software such as a word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation applications.   Along with providing common software applications, these providers can also customize software for an organization’s specific needs.   An example of a customized software application would be a helpdesk ticketing system or a travel agency booking system.   When using the SaaS model, individuals and organizations can take advantage of its collaborative capabilities.   For example: an individual in...

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