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Cloud Computing In Mobile Network Infrastructure Essay

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TITLE---Mobile Services Infrastructure in Cloud Computing
A. Situation -- Cloud computing provides improved utilization and flexibility in terms of allocating computing resources, which results in lower costs.

B. Problem---- 1. However, cloud technology is still mostly unstandardized and suffers from security issues that result from the multi-tenant environment of the cloud. In this paper, we analyze if identity-locator split could solve some of these problems.
2. Many issues still exist that hinder the adoption of cloud services. One key area of concern is security, which, in the worst case, could lead to a failure of the cloud model [31]. As cloud computing largely consists of existing technologies (e.g., service-oriented architecture, virtualization and utility computing), many of the related security issues are actually well-known problems.

3. In the current scenario it is also difficult to enable key distribution and trust relationship management.


Solution – problem 1

A. The identity-locator split separates the dual role of IP addresses as locators for the network layer and identifiers for the transport layer. Host Identity Protocol (HIP) implements the identity-locator split and provides cryptographic host identities, mutual authentication, data encryption, host mobility, multi-homing and IPv4-IPv6 interoperability. HIP may provide some improvements to data center networks and cloud deployments, e.g., virtual machine authentication and migration, secure cloud management and a flexible means of interconnecting cloud components in hybrid clouds.

B. Solution – problem 2

To authenticate end-users, HIP would require deployment   on end-users’ terminals. HIP could be   deployed to management users, i.e., cloud application developers and administrators, to control administrative access and management interfaces to VMs and hypervisors. For such users, a User Identity Management System (IdM) [5] could be adopted to...

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