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Cma Business Report Guidelines

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  • on October 17, 2013
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Business Report Guidelines

Due to the time constraints experienced by busy managers, clarity and brevity are essential elements in successful business reports. Therefore, a business report is not an essay or a descriptive document and does not provide a large volume of background material. The text of the report should highlight critical elements with respect to the topic or issues, and supporting data should be included as appendices. All information contained in a business report should be essential to the reader’s understanding of the topic or issues. Presentation a) Layout Components adhere to recommended format as outlined below: Long business reports – Cover Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Appendices/Exhibits, Footnotes, Bibliography. Memorandum format for short business reports – Includes the same components except that the cover page would be replaced with To, From, Subject, Date, and a memorandum would not normally include an executive summary or table of contents. b) Organization Headings, subheadings and white space are appropriately used for ease of reading. Point form, lists, comparisons, and tables are appropriately used. Presentation of ideas is logical, coherent, appropriately sequenced, and flows well.

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Business Report Guidelines

c) Language Business language, a professional tone, and tact are used. Third person (the company, the board of directors) and use of last names (Smith) is appropriate language for a business report. First person (I, we) and second person (you) are avoided. Grammar is correct, and there are no spelling or typographical errors. Sentences are properly...

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