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Co Production Essay

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If it comes to using co production, I believe Citibank is deffinelty big at it. I am a current employee at Citibank and since I started working here they always told me to give a good customer no matter how bad a customer is. To be honest I never learned the true meaning of co production till I got to Citibank. So, one day at the morning hurdle my manager tells us that our customer service scores are down and we need to bring it up. And I am thinking in my mind like how is that possible how can we bring it up? And how does this whole customer service score things works.

That same afternoon I sat with my assistant manager and talked to her about it. This is what she exactly tells me “you never heard of co-production” I was like no I didn’t. Then she explained it to me what it is and she told me we use it a lot. I finally understood it and it made more sense to me. This is how Citibank exactly uses co production.

Every month Citibank customer service department makes random calls to their customer and inquires about their customer service experience at a branch. Then they take some bad ones and good ones and they take a ratio out of it and put it into a percentage which makes our customer service scores. Also, they make a report which states the strength and weakness and improvements that we need to make as a branch to enhance our customer service. And it gets passed to upper management and comes to the branch manager and we sit discuss it. One thing I love the most about it is that it doesn’t target an individual but targets the branch as a whole. This technique I believe is so helpful because it helps you better yourself and makes you give the world class service.

It is deffinelty effective because, it shows us how to deal with a bad customer and meet his or her needs. I feel that it helped me as a person to enhance myself and make me professional.   And I would deffinelty say that it helps Citibank customer service and always gives room...

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