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'Coca Cola' Poster Description Essay

  • Submitted by: jasminehung
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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In the foreground, we can see a bottle of coke which contains lots of colored arrows, they are all facing to the upwards, some of them spread out form the coke. Those arrows just like an opened fizzy drink with the powerful gush of bubbles. The background is filled with a dimmer color scheme, mainly in black and grey. I guess the target audience of this poster is children or youngsters, since the design and the color usage are quite modern and colorful, which is attractive.

In this poster, firstly, we can see that the arrows facing to the upwards are painted with rainbow colors. It brings a positive message to us. May be those arrows symbolize happiness and joyfulness; that means the buyers can find solace in the coke. As I mentioned above, the background is mainly filled in dark color, this creates a dissonant visual effect. In the background, if we see it clearly, we can find that there are some hidden arrows which are facing downwards. Most of them are painted in grey, they may represent something bad and negative. Also, the little amount of grey arrows are compressed by numerous colored arrows, indicate that there will be no more displeasure and sadness after buying and drinking the coke.

Secondly, the colored arrows are going up and form a V-shaped area, which separates form the darker area. It is a contrast mark between the usage of bright and dark color. Besides, there is a slogan typed by computer, ‘live on the coke side of life’, and it is printed in white, in order to ensure the people can see it clearly.

To conclude, the composition of the poster is well-organized. Although the design of the poster is a little bit ordinary, it can still deliver some messages to us. So, I think that this kind of poster is functional enough to commerce a product.

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