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Code of Hammurabi Essay

  • Submitted by: Arisa48
  • on January 5, 2013
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Code of Hammurabi
  * 1772 BC
  * One of the oldest writing with length in the world
  * The 6th Babylonian king, Hammurabi created it
  * 282 laws
  * Social order was more important than individual rights
  * Woman’s sexuality should be sacrificed to confirm rightfulness
  * A family’s wealth should come by the husband/father
  * (Especially) Woman widows and divorcees needed society’s help
50% of laws related to Trades
  * Shows that there were lots of merchants
  * Lower rank on triangle where more people are in that rank.
  * Connects to the 5 characteristics   Technology (bronze, wheel, etc.), Specialized workers, Advanced cities
  * More people making products.
  * Had no law against women owning property

  * If they couldn’t pay   Sold to slavery & their goods will be sold
  * (Example) If irrigation systems were not kept in good condition that caused lots of loss to another land owners, they will have to pay consolation money

Law Examples:
Law 12: If the seller has in the meantime died, the buyer shall take from his estate fivefold the value sued for.
Law 11: If, on the other hand, the claimant of the post property has not brought the witness that know his lost property, he has been guilty of slander, he has stirred up strife, he shall be put to death.
Law 218: If a physician make a large incision with the operating knife, and kill him or open a tumor with the operating knife, and cut out the eye, his hands shall be cut off.

“Punishment: “Eye for an eye, Tooth for a tooth”
  * Depended on social rank
  * If an elite/ rich person commits big crime   Asked to pay a fee
  * Lower class receives harsher punishment
  * In the old times, they thought this idea was called Lex Talionis   came from Moses & Hebrew law
  * Lex Talionis: Law of retribution
  * “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”   Revenge the SAME quality (to be fair)
  * Takes on excuses or explanations – just facts
  * 25 of the...

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