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Cognitive Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: tanyabalderrama
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Cognitive Psychology
Tanya Balderrama,
University of Phoenix
E. W. Newlin
May 28, 2012

The mind can often trick people in regards to who is in charge, you the person or the mind as a whole. There are often many times where people feel like they have lost their mind, or even have no control of what or how they think. Cognitively this are just a few things that people go through in life and find a challenge with their everyday thoughts or behavior. Cognitive psychology is a head scratcher and has made a person think more than they would like to. People question why they act or behave a certain way, but don’t understand that their subconscious allows them to react or behave according to each situation.   The mind allows for absorption of information in record time. It listens, views and interprets what is presented and stores all information as the mind deems necessary, similar to that of a computer. The mind will develop a memory for the information acquired from any source. Once the information is stored in the brain, it was brought to the memory by an outside source meaning it was learned by a different type of intelligence, so knowing what you learned is not first-hand but now similar to an artificial intelligence. Once the mind is able to function like a computer the mind can be analyzed thoroughly and in depth using neuroscience by studying the complete way the brain functions.

“From the behaviorist perspective, behavior was mostly the product of what had happened to you, meaning what sorts of conditioned reflexes you had acquired through the environment and what sorts of behaviors had been rewarded or punished over the course of your lifetime.” (Willingham, D.T.,2007) Although a person’s behavior is observable, and can be studied by any person, no one person can understand the thought process of the subject unless they are interviewed and asked why they behave or react a certain way. An individual will react...

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