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Cognitive Psychology Essay

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  • on August 9, 2015
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PYC3703 – Cognitive Psychology   -
Dialectic – a developmental process whereby an idea evolves over time:
Thesis – a statement of believe
Antithesis – a statement that counters a previous statement
Debate between thesis and antithesis leads to a synthesis of both views (nature + nurture debate)

Philosophy – Seeks to understand general nature, in part through introspection
Physiology – Scientific study of life-sustaining functions, primarily through empirical methods (observation based)

Rationalist – the route to knowledge is through logical analysis and reason contemplation / introspection
Empiricist – We acquire knowledge via empirical evidence, through experience and observation

Rene Descartes – Rationalist “I think therefore I am” Plato – Everything a flawed duplication of it’s true form.
John Locke – Empiricist – “Tabula Rosa” – blank slate – life and experiences write knowledge on us, we have no innate ideas. Aristotle.
Immanuel Kant – dialectically synthesised the views of Descartes and Locke

Understand the structure of the mind and it’s perceptions by analysing the perceptions into their constituent components
Perception of a flower: colour, geometric forms, size
The method of structuralism = introspection
The focus of structuralism = elementary structures of sensation

Focus is on the process of thought, not the contents
The how and why

Knowledge is validated by its usefulness, what you can do with it

Examines how events / ideas become associated with one another in the mind to result in learning
Contiguity = associating things that tend to occur together at the same time
Herman Ebbinghaus – Associationist – studied own mental processes
Counted his errors and recorded response times
Studied how people learnt through rehearsal
Edward Lee Thorndike – role of satisfaction key to forming associations
“LAW OF EFFECT” – Stimulus will produce certain...

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