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Cold Calls Essay

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“Salespeople, Ha, I could go on for hours.” This is the reaction I received from Mary, a lady I met while waiting at my hair salon. Her first impression of salespeople, like all the others, wasn’t very pleasant. I noticed that when asked these three questions, people really had a lot to say about salespeople, but their opinions weren’t positive. When comparing the five answers, I came to realize that most people view salespeople as annoying, pushy, and inconsiderate. During the interviews with Mary, Tracey, Todd, Bruce, and Linda, all five people I have never met prior to this assignment, I found their answers were all very similar. When asked what salespeople do that annoys them, they all mentioned things like too pushy, inconvenient timing, bad listeners, and lack of knowledge. Some qualities they thought salespeople should have are attentiveness, being passionate and enthusiastic about their product or service, and knowledgeable.   In their opinions a “good” salesperson has good listening skills, asks questions at the right time, is able to answer any question the customer may have, and is considerate about you and your needs, not just trying to make the sale. I learned that the general perception of a salesperson is exactly what we, (salespeople), don’t want to hear. We want to be viewed as helpful and professional. However, most generalize us as the stereotypical, nagging salesperson.
I found this whole experience to be very informative and helpful. Coming into this I knew I wouldn’t have any problem approaching others.   With my history in retail sales, I am very comfortable with asking strangers questions that they might not have any interest in answering. What I did learn about myself was although I had a strong ability to approach others, my weakness was my enthusiasm. As I went from each interview to the next, I noticed the questions and answers were all very alike. My interviewees found themselves repeating their answers with the three questions. I became...

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