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Cold War Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Cold War Essay
By Elizabeth Graybeal
Kaplan University

This assignment will cover the political and historical conditions that described the Cold War Era. It will compare actions that I would personally prepare for my family to those that were taken during that time. It will also explain the distress and turmoil that it had put onto the American citizens.

Cold War Essay
The Cold War lasted from 1945-1989, focusing on the grand struggle between East and West Germany. Communism was fighting Capitalism, the Soviet Union against the United States (Davis, J. 2005). There are several factors of the Great Division (Berlin Wall) and Cold War stand-off. The political dramas that led to the Korean and Vietnam Wars, as well as World War II, were unresolved, leading to the Cold War. Despite the political dramas, the main focus was to create peace with the goal of a Socialist future (Davis, 2005).
The Cold War is described as the “abnormally intense conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States to resolve the monumental political issues at the end of World War II” (Stephenson). Even though it is explained as the “Cold War”, war did not actually take place. It was considered a conflict of power in conditions of peace. The conflict ended up being a stalemate after the Berlin Wall was built, segregating Germany. President Kennedy held firm, refusing to back down or attack, causing a very nervous time in history. Afraid of nuclear war, the people waited in horror. Air-raid shelters were built and people fled major military cities and defense centers (Farber, 1994). It is agreed that nuclear devices are used only as a last result; however this is only a mutual understanding and not placed into a treaty.
Americans lived in fear for fifty years. The school age children had to practice drills of what needed to be done in case an atomic bomb was to drop while they were in class. The nuclear war seemed inevitable and was only a matter of “when”...

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