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College Essay

  • Submitted by: pduyen277
  • on November 12, 2012
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When I was five, my mother told me to become an astronomer. Being a fan of Star Trek, I looked upon my mother’s dream with enthusiasm.
Ten years later, I sat under the same starry night sky with excitement. But soon I would realize that astronomy was not my only passion. I was about to start taking physics.

At first, I did not like physics at all, yet I managed to ace every test. I thought I liked physics because I liked the feeling of being praised after a quiz or test. Since then, physics seemed more captivating than astronomy. In physics, I felt I was important and a part of something bigger.

After I took AP Chemistry, everything blasted away. For the first time, I actually needed help with my work. I felt useless and frustrated with myself. I was not discouraged for long though; I spent hours redoing the same lab in order to refine my results. I regarded the text book as a bible. Truthfully, I did not shine as before, but it did not matter because chemistry was enjoyable and I would not give it up.

      Chemistry is not a subject for me anymore, but a direction in which I am heading. I obtain satisfaction from the unpleasant smell of ammonia, the tightly uncomfortable feeling of the goggles and the sticky feeling of silver nitrate on my skin… I realize chemistry, from the proton to the electron, is in my blood. It runs through my veins and is a very important part that identifies me.

Whether it is chemical engineering, fluid dynamics or nuclear engineering, I will be ready for the challenges chemistry provides. Like aquatic animals need water or plants need soil, I need chemistry. Chemistry defines who I am and it awaits me, so I will head towards it with all confidence and power.

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