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College Essay on Hardcore Music

  • Submitted by: lund1144
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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At age 10 most boys are worrying about the next X-box game or practicing with their little league team. I was in a rough patch in my life. There were health problems in the family. I was in a bad social situation and bullying had me in a hole, from which I felt like I couldn't pull myself out. One day my sister had me listen to a hardcore song. At first, like most, I thought it was just a bunch of noise. Then I listened to the song, listened to what was being said. “Watch Me Rise” was the song. It told me that the world can seem to be against you at times, but you have to believe in yourself and rise above. “This world chooses to see me as a setting sun, I have to see me as the rising one.”
Most people just write off this music as garbage, written by a couple of angry nobodies playing random chords on guitars, smashing drum sets, and screaming into a microphone, but it's beautiful when you listen closely. It's loud, angry and violent, but it's the passion behind it that matters. It's trying to convey a powerful message in a powerful way. I realized I wasn't the only one out there who was having a hard time. At least I knew that these couple of guys went through it and were going through it. There's a group of people out there listening to the same thing that I am, and they feel the same way I do.
The music put me at ease. It lifted a weight off of my shoulders that I'd been carrying around with me for years. It helped me out of my hole. This music is my escape from everything negative in my life. When I was depressed, it would make me feel better. If I was sad, I became happy. If I was upset or angry, it gave me a healthy outlet for me to alleviate my stress and feelings. No matter what mood I was in, hardcore was there for me, and it still is. I listen to it on a daily basis. Sometimes I don't have a specific reason to listen to it but I know that it'll help me out. It helps me be a better person. It gives me the confidence to look in the mirror everyday, and...

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