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College Essay Rough

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11a. “A picture is worth a thousand words” as the adage goes. Include a photograph or a picture that represents something important to you, and explain its significance.

My Solar Cooker

Looking at this photo, I remember the time when I was 12(?) years old wearing my a white, cotton-stuffed chef’s hat, eagerly awaiting my lunch to be cookedserved. Being a vegetarian, I had   planned to boil mashed potatoes, tofu with red gravy and rice, all cooked in my very own personally built solar cooker. Though it had been hours since I had placed my dishes in the specially built chamber of the cooker, my eyes were filled with anticipation, my mouth with water, as slowly the aroma of the dishes wafted into the air. My heart was full of elation at the sight of success. These reminiscences are what make this photo represent something really important to meWHAT. (Seems like the theme of the essay should be here.   The answer to the question is at the end of the essay)

The whole sequence started when I was in the 10th grade and part of the school curriculum required me to create a personal project. Full of energy and enthusiasm, I brainstormed potential topics for my project, which included building rocket launcher models, hybrid engines and aircraft models! Full of aspiration and laughter at my bizarre ideas, I went to a traditional village in India for my vacation. (This sentence seems ackward) There, I was shocked to see the lack of adequate energy sources the villagers had for cooking food.   They were still using charcoal and wood. Not only was the environment disintegrating, but also the smoke from the fires was severely damaging the health of the villagers, in particular the eyes and the respiratory system. Though seeing this unpleasant scenariostate of affairs depressed me, it also inspired me to construct something that would be useful to these people.(Be more specific)   a device that could…..

Observing the hot and arid terrain,...

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