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College Innovation Essay

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For Years, Delaware State University has been prided for its school spirit. Over the past few years the school has lost its sense of pride within the students and faculty. This could be a factor of many different incidents that have occurred on campus. Fights, shootings, robbery, and assaults are amongst these incidents that could have possible changed the spirit of the university. Increased public safety measured has been taken along with strict curfews during school events, which gives a sense of confinement to students. This restriction of liberties can be dissatisfying and result in an unpleasant enrollment to the university. This then cause a low retention rate and a higher drop out rate amongst the students. The effects of that can trickle down to the revenue generated by the university that is used to fund student programs and events, resulting in negativity for everyone evolved with the school. Although, law enforcement and public safety are important, strictly enforced rules and regulations have put a damper on many students college experience. Students need to have sociability on a college campus to create a sense of unification that is the essence of schools spirit. One way to bring this back is to have more on campus events in multiple variations.
Since Dover is not a very populated metropolitan area, the number of things that a student can do for recreational entertainment has many limitations, especially for the under 21 crowd. On the campus it is limited even more due to the lack of recreational activities available on campus grounds. To combat these woes, I propose the construction of a mega rec/game room. This room could be an expansion of the MLK’s game room, which is limited to a few items and has a minimal capacity of a few students at a time. The proposed additions would consist of a bowling alley, an extensive arcade, an on campus movie theater with IMAX, and an on campus bar and grill operated exclusively by students in hospitality and...

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