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Colonial Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: Pimprapperx1
  • on October 18, 2013
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Xavier Piper
History 1301
Professor Thornton
October 11, 2013
Colonial Culture
  Unique conditions, both cultural and environmental, of each colony produced a unique culture for that colony. And while each colony had its share of groups, the mix of people and their cultures in each colony was not evenly distributed. In some colonies there was a high mix of people, while in others one group dominated. These regional differences caused the colonies not to develop one unique culture, but instead a group of distinctive cultures, each unique, and each regional. The regional differences and cultures among the colonies can be divided into four basic groups. These groups each dominated a different region, but they weren't the only group in their respective region. There were the Puritans of New England, the Quakers of the middle colonies, the Anglicans of the southern colonies, and the Scots-Irish of the Appalachian backcountry.
The culture of New England was one unique to New England. The northern colonies of New England were dominated by the Puritans, and settled primarily for religious reasons. The environment of New England consisted of rocky soil, dense forests, and large numbers of fish. The culture that developed in New England was appropriate to such conditions. The soil, being rocky, had to be worked constantly and patiently. Patience and persistence were trademarks of Puritan ethics. The lush forests provided for a shipbuilding industry, while the fish provided a source of food. The New Englanders became fishermen, farmers, lumbermen, shipbuilders, and traders.
To the south of New England were the middle colonies. There the soil was
fertile, and the weather more acclimated to farming. Rivers flowed west toward the frontier, enabling transportation. The middle colonies, as opposed to the relatively Puritan
dominated New England, were very diverse in people. A mixture of Dutch, German, Swedes, English and other smaller groups were present in middle...

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