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Colonial Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: Tristen1025
  • on October 17, 2013
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Tristen Morse
Mrs. Cain
1st hour
American Lit
12 October 2012

The New World in the eyes of Ronaldo Dehn
It’s been 67 days since we left port. Father said we should be nearing our new home soon. I can’t wait much longer. The scenery grows tiring. I have been really bored lately. On top of all that, Jeremiah, the captain, won’t even let me get in the crow’s nest anymore. I hope we hit land soon. The sea is nothing but a blue abyss filled with mystery and the unknowing of what lies beneath.   We wonder of what is to come when we reach the land, but we can only wonder.
The day has finally come! We have spotted land, and other ships. Everyone is getting excited, running around and getting things ready for unloading. I have been helping Theodore, the scientist and teacher among the crew, pack all of the reading material. Father says about one hour until we reach land! The excitement of the arrival to our new home is one I cannot wait to explore. There is no limit to my imagination as to what I can find and what will be located within the not so distant future.
After we got everything unloaded and everything settled down we heard some rustling in the bushes. I saw a child that looked to be about my age, but was dressed very odd. He had long dark hair, dark skin, and feathers around his head. I walked his direction and he ran away. I sat and wondered where he might have gone and what he might be doing. I found it odd that there was someone here in this far away land that had just been discovered.   A little while later I saw him again, but this time he brought someone else with him. It appeared to be their captain. We wondered what these natives would do and if they were friend or enemy. We began to approach them and try to converse with them. It was, I might say, difficult to communicate with them in the beginning, but it slowly became easier. I enjoyed playing with the children there; they were friendly and needed not to know what we were saying, but just being...

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