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Colonists and English Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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DE US History Essay 3

In the years leading up to the American Revolution, the British monarch, King George III was searching for ways to decrease Britain’s National Debt from the French and Indian War. He saw the colonies as a way to bring in revenue and used them as an economic tool. The British government taxed the colonies heavily and made sure they had limited trade to where the colonists could only buy goods from Britain to make a huge profit. This taxation without representation infuriated the colonists and they began establishing a continental army, engaged in widespread protests and rebellion, and began to boycott British goods. The colonists justified their rebellion by saying that the taxes were unfair, and called on philosophies such as John Locke’s view on “natural” rights to life, liberty, and to own property to declare their freedom from Britain as a independent nation.
Initially, the British government before the start of the American Revolution did not pay much attention to the American colonies, and for many years the colonists governed themselves and lived their own lives away from British ways of life. However, after the French and Indian War, the British used salutary neglect and began to tax the colonies heavily on almost all imported goods and forced the colonists to buy those goods so that the British could decrease the national debt caused by the War. These harsh acts by the British angered the colonies and they began to unify and engage in extreme protests and rebellion such as the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. The colonists also established a continental army and congress to unify the colonies against Britain. The colonists also used many things such as the Boston Massacre as propaganda to justify their rebellion against the unfair treatment of the British.
Furthermore, the colonists helped justify their protest and rebellion by using things such as the philosophies of John Locke’s “natural” rights, and the Boston...

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