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Com 155 Appendix D Essay

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Appendix D

Selecting a Topic and Brainstorming Worksheet

Complete the following and post as an attachment.

|What two objects, people, subjects, or concepts are you going to |I have decided to compare the Chevrolet Cruz LTZ and a Toyota     |
|compare and/or contrast?                                         |Prius Plug-in to see which vehicle would be best for my needs.   |
|                                                                 |                                                                 |
|                                                                 |                                                                 |
|What are the similarities between the two objects, people,       |Here is the list of similarities that I can find with my initial |
|subjects, or concepts? List as many similarities that you can     |search for information:                                           |
|think of.                                                         |Smaller vehicles, 4 cylinders,   regular unleaded fuel, front     |
|                                                                 |wheel drive, air conditioning, power locks, power windows, color |
|                                                                 |choice, seating capacity, antilock brakes, warranty features,     |
|                                                                 |satellite radio, airbags, interior passenger room                 |
|What are the differences between the two objects, people,         |Here is a list of differences that I know so far, however, I have|
|subjects, or concepts? List as many differences that you can     |not started my formal research yet:                               |
|think of.                                                         |Price, fuel usage, options, resale value, torque, horsepower,     |
|                                                                 |transmission,   monthly costs,...

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