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Com 155 Week 7 Essay

  • Submitted by: elizabethdavis25
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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          I think that both reading and watching television tell a vivid story for any persons imagination to run wild and free with the story at hand. They also both increase our vocabulary skills and our vision.   I do know that one's own personal imagination is better than the visualization on watching television. Reading a book has more details to the written story than it is when watching it on television. I believe that visualization on television leaves nothing to a persons imagination.
I know that both reading and watching television have a way of tell a vivid story for our imaginations to use at our own will. I know when I sit down to read that a movie plays at my own will in my mind. This also apply to any one reading a story to them the story is played in our mind almost like a vivid dream while we are awake. When reading a story a person’s imagination comes to play on how we perceive the details of the words in the story. It is different though when a person sits down to watch television. When we choose to watch television the story is portrayed in our thought process that plays on in our minds. Watching television leaves little room to make what we want from seeing it. We are not able to choose certain details and vividly make of it what we want. The story is all ready cast in to some one else’s imagination on to the television to their audience.
I also know that both television and reading increase our vocabulary and vision. When reading we come across words that we are not familiar with finding out what they mean does increase our vocabulary. We come across words and fraises that are unfamiliar and usually choose to find what they mean. When reading every day it would increase our vision to find certain things while we read as in speed reading. I know when I speed read I choose to skip over little words in the story. I focus on the bigger most important words so that I still am able to understand and...

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