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Comapre and Contrast Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Monique Velez
Dr. LoVerde
Paper # 3
English 1-A
WC 725

The Apprentices, The Prisoner:

The Self-Education of Benjamin Franklin and Malcolm X
The two great writers known as Benjamin Franklin and Malcolm X are two great articulate speakers and writer. Their talents should be recognized for inspiration. Their stories are unique, however similar in many ways. Both men came from poverty and had to face their challenges that they faced in life. Their desire to educate themselves through their own unique learning styles.
Benjamin Franklin desired books from a very young age, but accidentally came across his talent. Although working with his brother gave him the opportunity to explore his skills as an Apprentice. Franklin realized he had an unquestionable passion to further his learning. Nevertheless, Franklin valued his scholarly skills and continuously tried to improve them .Malcolm X who also spoke with great conviction and truth also stumbled across this fierce passion of reading and writing. Although Malcolm X experiences stemmed from having a desire to truly understand what he was reading and grasp the concepts of the words. Unfortutaly, Malcolm X was incarcerated, but turned his negative experience into a positive one and grew from it.

Both men showed that they had a fire to enhance their reading and writing skills. Gradually, they both became true geniuses at their craft. Any money Franklin would come across he would put toward the purchase of buying books. (PG 15) Malcolm X spent most of his time in the prison library reading. (PG 2)
Benjamin Franklin wanted to improve his style; therefore he brought a copy of the “Spector” and thought the reading to be a   great writing tool (PG 17) Franklin viewed it time and time again trying to convey the words just as they were in the ‘’Spectator”. Franklin did this gradually to get better at his skill and eventually he did. Moreover making him a scholar in his own wright. In comparison, Malcolm X had a passion...

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