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Comm 150 Effective Essay Writing

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Be the Forefront for the Lifestyle Revolution

Be the Forefront for the Lifestyle Revolution 2
    “It takes too much time!” or “I’ve tried this before but never stick with it.”   Someone can make all the excuses they want. Then they will have to just get on with it. Endless health issues occur from unbalanced diets. Equally dangerous is the fact that people have become more inactive. It seems that the topic of healthful eating has been done and done again,   and some people may think this topic has been exhausted; however if this article inspires just one person to change an unhealthy lifestyle it is worth the negative responses and “sighs” this article may receive. Although fatigue and schedule may be the key defense for someone’s lack of healthful eating, this essential transformation will assist in renovating an entire lifestyle including health, mentality, and physical well-being.
    Everyone knows that a good diet is necessary in order to perform well but this is usually thought of in physical terms - athletes and sportsmen and women have to consider their diet very carefully, but there is increasing evidence that diet can have a specific effect on mental performance and behavior   (Diet & Behaviour   2007). There is a tendency for diets to become unbalanced - at any one time there is often a focus on one particular food as being especially harmful in excess, or especially beneficial (Diet & Behavior 2007). Couple this with the human animal's natural tendency for binges and crazes and the risk is obvious (Diet & Behavior 2007). Balance is the key - chips, crisps and sweets are acceptable in moderation, so long as the rest of the diet contains sufficient nutrients in the form of vegetables, fruit, fish and any of the other vital foods

Be the Forefront for the Lifestyle Revolution 3
(Diet & Behavior 2007). Healthy eating begins with learning how to “eat smart”—it’s not just what you eat, but how you eat (Kemp, Paul &...

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