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Commentary on Gwen Hardwood's Prize Giving Essay

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  • on August 21, 2015
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Paper 1: Gwen Harwood’s Prize-Giving
In a time when the rise of feminism was at its peak, Gwen Harwood portrays her inner feminist through her poem, “Prize-Giving”, as she uses the character of Professor Eisenbart to illustrate her message about how women should never be seen as unequal to men. Using a very humorous tone, Harwood wittily portrays Eisenbart as a stereotypical man in the rise of feminism era, taking the readers, especially women, on an enjoying ride in every stanza. The most striking aspect of this poem is how Harwood can paint a picture of such innocent characters, in a well thought story of a man losing his pride and control of his infatuations. At the end of the poem, Eisenbart is depicted as a fool, a man who has learnt his lesson about being sexist in a women’s college.
Harwood begins her piece with a display of Eisenbart’s strong view of anti-feminism. He is “asked to attend/a girls’ school speech night” and hand out some prizes. This, he could not stand at all, “rudely” declining the offer that he was given. At this time, feminism was rising strongly within the Western world, and Harwood delicately tells the readers of how the world viewed this movement. In a way, Harwood is using Eisenbart as a representation of the all the stereotypical men of this time, and to the women readers, this foreshadows the events that are coming, of Eisenbart's – and hence the men’s – demise, as women rise to the level of men.   In lines 3-6, Harwood talks about how Eisenbart was persuaded to still come and join the event, perhaps because he grew frustrated with the many “dry scholastic jokes”. Eisenbart agreed with “indifference”, still keeping his pride within him, and somehow downgrading women, as if they are beings who are not worth his time. Yet Harwood humorously says he “grace[d] their humble platform” in line 6, directly making Eisenbart seem much more worthless than he really is, and portrays Eisenbart to be a very arrogant man, stereotypical of the...

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