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Commercial Analysis

  • Submitted by: miggy1088
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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The advertisement that I have chosen to analyze is a television commercial of old spice. At first glance, this commercial seems to be targeted towards a certain audience. This certain audience that this advertisement looks to be targeting is at women. However when one stops and thinks about it, the commercial appears to be using reverse psychology. It makes men want to be swave and sofisticated The advertisement talks about how much the old spice deodorant works. It starts by addressing the ladies of the world. I consider this advertisement to be humorous because it’s a guy being egotistical and arrogant and basically just saying that he is better than any other man out there. The catchy slogan that I remember and that continues to stick with me is “Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady. I’m on a horse.” That slogan is my favorite part of the commercial. The Advertisement contains puffery or exaggerations which are part of the comedy of the commercial. The actor Isaiah Mustafa otherwise known as the Old Spice guy exaggerates his “Manly” smell. He continues to say to the women of the world to look at their men and then back to him repeatedly in order for them to see what they do not have such as Isaiah’s good looks. However if they use Old Spice body wash their man could smell like him. The advertisement tries to use sex appeal such as a well in shaped shirtless man. This way woman would want him and guys would want to be him. After that he goes on by telling the women about the different possibilities that women can have is their man smells like Old Spice which I believe this to be the argument. The fallacy that seems to be presented within this commercial is false cause. Because he is saying that anything is possible when you smell like old spice. Overall I believe do not believe this commercial is very persuasive. However it is very effective. Because I am not going to buy the body was because anything can be possible but because...

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