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Common Sense Reading Essay

  • Submitted by: baconxu
  • on February 19, 2012
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Before I read the book named Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft, I had inferred the discordant Salem and the designing witch trials amongst the villagers. The images of Salem and the witch trials created the chaos among England and countries close by.

In my view, Salem was full of struggling among the social relation. Ostensibly, Salem combined a village and town with a numerous quantity of farms. In fact, Salem was one of the best proofs that the country was supposed to meet the needs of revolution when some regulations of the feudal society could not be applied any longer. In detail, Salem town and village were not able to develop normally during the 17th Century. At the same time, England transition from the feudal society to the capitalist society gradually and brought into the intense social relation. (The world of capitalism in the market) As the social situation changed, the fundamental factor was to become stable within the development of country so that the development of regions would improve obviously.

Due to this social relation, Salem exerted huge modifications that the economy of England was booming and the revolution still happened until the entire changes turned into the most suitable for the citizens. That is the reason why every part of the country including Salem became unbalanced during the 17th Century.

According to the history chronological table, the governors of England experienced several crucial transitions from the 17th Century to the 18th Century. It was regarded (The world of capitalism in the market) that during the period, the Royal Charter, which was issued in 1629, was overthrown in 1684 (The world of capitalism in the market). Meanwhile, King James established the dynasty, but “Glorious Revolution” overturning his dynasty preventing the non-violent restoration of Catholicism. Since King James managed to restore Catholicism, he persecuted Puritans on purpose (The world of capitalism in the market). However,...

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