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Communication Essay

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Communication Modes for Health Care


When health care companies decide to advertise their products or services, they go through a process of deciding what method of marketing to use. There are several different methods of marketing that are used to reach potential consumers. A few of these methods are as follows: Email, Internet, Billboards, Flyers, mailings, needs surveys, and open forums for questions and answers. The one that I feel is the most effective method used within health care is marketing through question and answer panels. This method gives the consumers a chance to express any questions and concerns they may have about health care. It also gives the health care provider a chance to fully explain the services and products offered through their company. This method differs in a huge way from others because of the level of direct communication it provides. Although this method only accounts for about 5% of the monetary allotment by most companies, it is the most cost effective.


The Consumer may have questions and concerns that they do not know how to express or to whom they need to express them to. When setting up a question and answer forum you have to make sure you find a location that is centrally located. This will increase the attendance potential for the event. Make sure you have several panel members who can effectively answer any possible questions that may arise. It might even be helpful to have a way for people to email questions in ahead of time so answers can be prepared beforehand. This way the panel members can have an idea of what topics to prepare for. You have to keep in mind that you must maintain complete confidentiality when communicating with consumers. The best way to do this is to allow attendees to fill out an index card with their questions and drop them in a box to be pulled and addressed once forum has begun. All persons asking questions will remain anonymous.  


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