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Communication Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Assignment 201 Principles of communication in adult social care settings

Task A – Short Answer Questions

Describe two methods of verbal communication other than one-to-one conversation.

Source:   http://www.ehow.co.uk/list_6920660_verbal-communication-methods.html

1.   Spoken Communication – is a method of verbal communication, which may be in the form of dialogue or lecture, e.g., group conversation regarding their lives or interesting issues or public speaking and presentation of ideas, respectively. The purpose is to convey message and information and/or receive feedback and develop an understanding between people.

2.   Written Communication – is another method of verbal communication that is conveying a message or information through written word, such as letters, texts, memos and even instant messages.

Describe two methods of non-verbal communication.

Source:   http://psychology.about.com/od/nonverbalcommunication/a/nonverbaltypes.htm

1.   Facial Expression – is a method of non-verbal communication using different parts of the face in expressing one’s emotion. For example, frowning may convey anger, annoyance or a feeling of pain while smiling conveys satisfaction, happiness or delight.

2.   Body Language and Posture – is a method of non-verbal communication using the different parts of the body and its movements and positioning in conveying a message, feelings or emotions. E.g., standing up straight is a sign of readiness or alertness while arm-crossing and leg-crossing may be signs of defense.

Identify five different reasons why people communicate.

Source:   http://communicationtheory.org/why-do-we-communicate/

1.   We communicate to persuade – when we   want someone or a group of people to do something

2.   We communicate to provide information – when we want other people to know the facts or other information that we believe in

3.   We communicate to seek information – when we want to get...

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