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Communication Essay

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Communication Analysis

      Sarah Bishop

      Rosa Santos

      Ruby Stanley

      Lynn Vong

      The nurse demonstrates her unprofessional behavior and poor communication skills during the first patient interaction scenario when she speaks to the pregnant women. She asks about the patients insurance even before being concerned about if the possibility of active labor. She informs the patient that she needs the patient’s husband’s number so she can call him about her being in the hospital.   The nurse should have asked if there was anyone the patient wanted contacted, and she should only ask that after the patient has been sent back to the examination room. The nurse also makes a snap judgment about the laboring women when she finds out that she isn’t married. The nurse decides that the status of the child is such that the religious hospital won’t see her.

      The federal government enacted several laws that the nurse in this video has ignored. The First law is the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act that says that a Medicare-accepting hospital has to take patients in emergency situation, including active labor, regardless of their ability to pay. They have to stabilize these patients before they can be discharged or transferred. By asking about her insurance while the women was in active labor she broke this law. She also was going to violate the HIPPA law by contacting the women’s husband without getting her express permission to do so. The HIPPA law prohibits releasing medical information to anyone without written permission of the patient. Besides the nurses clear violation of medical laws, she also demonstrates her lack of good communication by judging the patient, determining what is wrong, and deciding what she will do about it without having ever listened to what the patient had to say about the situation. You can’t give someone the help they need...

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