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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Essay

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Jessimae Eberle
GEN 200
December 5, 2010
Mark T. Adornetto, MBA

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
      As everyone knows no two people are alike; everyone is unique. As such everyone’s personality and learning styles are different. Someone’s personality is “the essential character of that person” ("Personality," 2010). A learning style is the “mind’s particular way of taking in and processing information” (Carter, Bishop, & Lyman Kravits, 2007, p. 38). Understanding of   these elements is essential to achieving academic success. As a student will have to deal with people with a wide range of personalities and learning styles throughout his or her academic career an effective communication and collaboration strategy is essential.
      Learning Styles
      According to Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences there are eight different intelligences or learning styles. They include Verbal-Linguistic, Visual-Spatial, and Intrapersonal (Carter, Bishop, & Lyman Kravits, 2007, p. 38-39). Verbal-Linguistic is the “ability to communicate through language (listening, reading, writing, speaking)” (Carter, Bishop, & Lyman Kravits, 2007, p. 39). Visual-Spatial is the “ability to understand spatial relationships and to perceive and create images (visual art, graphic design, charts and maps)” (Carter, Bishop, & Lyman Kravits, 2007, p. 39). Intrapersonal is the “ability to understand one’s own behavior and feelings (self-awareness, independence, time spent alone)” (Carter, Bishop, & Lyman Kravits, 2007, p. 39).
Communication and Collaboration Strategy
      The first step in working with a team of people from various learning styles is to understand. One has to understand not only the learning style but also what an individual with that learning style can contribute to the team and what he or she needs from it. After assessing skills and needs, assignments should be that will fit those skills and needs. The...

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