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Communication Barriers Essay

  • Submitted by: djsmarto
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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The Language/communication Question

Communication is the passage of information from sender to receiver. This can happen in one direction or as two-way traffic. In this instance, the role of sender and receiver keeps interchanging between the two or more parties involved in this process. The old adage states that “Human is to error” and communication is a very critical part of our existence. It is part and parcel of who we are. In spite of this fact, we are a very long way from mastering the art of communication. At some point in our lives we all fall victim to one or more of the many invisible barriers to communication. At times we end up blushing in embarrassment and at times the stakes are usually much higher and people even lose their jobs.
In the manufacturing world, it is believed that it is important for the producer of any product to have a keen understanding of their target market. Today, the most effective way to pass a message across the world is through the internet on company websites and social networking sites. Recently the national carrier of South Korea, Korean Air publicized the introduction of more flights to Kenya. The tag line to their marketing campaign described Kenyans as an indigenous people full of primitive energy (Aljazeera 2012).
The fact that the term ‘primitive’ was used to describe Kenyans did not go down well with the citizens of that country. Their sentiments and indignation towards the seemingly derogatory description they were assigned was clearly seen on social media and more specifically twitter.com. The more vocal ones voiced their anger and resentment about the insensitivity towards Africans, alluding to the fact that such a mindset was once held by those who traded slaves. The term primitive carries with it connotations of backward, uncivilized and even animalistic, considering monkeys are collectively termed as primates.
It is however unlikely that an internationally...

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