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Communication in Business Essay

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The Steps in the Communications Process.
For me the part of communication process that I am comfortable with is channel process. The reason why I am comfortable with this process is because for me it’s easier to express what I am trying to say via email or text.   I have problems when it comes to communicating face to face. Most of the time it’s the complete opposite with people, they have trouble communicating through email or text because they can’t express what they are trying to say.   A lot of people when reading an email or text take it out of context.   I think the reason why it’s easier for me is because I am a shy person.   The process for me that is the most uncomfortable for me is the feedback.   If it is something good I am ok with getting the feedback but if it isn’t I do have a hard time not because I can’t take it but because I am the type of person that I am always worried about what people think.   I don’t want to be a disappointment or have anyone upset anyone.   I am always trying to make people happy.   I will say however due to the recent changes in my life I’m not too worried about what people think or making other people happy.   With feedback in a business though you need to be able to take what is said and work with it.   My listening part of this process is good but I do sometimes feel that the person that is giving me feedback (unless it’s good) I feel that they aren’t happy with what I said or did.   When it comes to communicating face to face I have a hard time expressing myself and finding the right words.   My emotions sometimes tend to get the best of me and what I am trying to say doesn’t come out the way I intend for it too.  
The Roles of Listening and Responding in the Communications Process
To me I am more of a listener that a responder depending on my mood and what is going on. Most of my friends an people that know me will say that regardless of what is going on I am a good listener. When it comes to responding because I have always...

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