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Communication Plan

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Ventura Inc. Network Installation Project Communication Plan
Project Manager: Kimberly Graham
Technical Assistants: Aaron Buenaventura & Dave Moo Yin

General Information |

Prepared By: Kimberly Graham, Aaron Buenaventura, & Dave Moo Yin
Date: 12/12/12
Authorized By: Capricorn Technologies

Project Description: Design and install a Local Area Network for Ventura Inc.’s main office.

Stakeholder List |

Ventura Inc. Group | |
Jay Morgan - Ventura’s IT and Communications Manger | Mr. Morgan is the original contact and Senior Executive responsible for signing off on the project. |
Ventura Inc. IT Dept | IT Dept will be working alongside F-Team’s network designers to insure the design needs are being met. |
Network Engineers | Responsible for network maintenance |
Database Administrators | Responsible for server/database maintenance |
Network Users | Network and server applications userers |
Financial Representative | Responsible to oversee budget usage. |
Capricorn Tech & F-Team | |
Kimberly Graham – Project Manager | Responsible for all aspects of the project. |
Technical Engineers | Responsible for applications and server requirements, and install |
Network Engineers | Responsible for network requirements, upgrade, and install |
Design Engineering Team | Responsible for network, server and applications layout and design. |
Trainers | Responsible for Customer training |
Accounting & Finance | Purchasing and budget usage. |

Communication Matrix |

Audience | Information | Method | Frequency | Responsible Party |
Project Team F | Detailed project status | Meeting | bi-weekly | Project Manager and Team Leads |
Project Team F | Collaboration | email | as required | Project Manager and Team Leads |
Ventura Inc. stakeholders | Approval | email/ phone/ voicemail | as required | Project Manager |
Ventura Inc. stakeholders | Project Status | Meeting | as required | Project...

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