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Communication Research Paper

  • Submitted by: kaysab27
  • on November 13, 2012
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Social learning Theory was coined by Albert Bandura, a psychologist in 1977. Bandura proposed that individuals develop general behavior and attitudes by modeling the behavior of others. Individuals learn or model behavior, values, attitudes, and skills through the observation of other individuals, or through observations of electronic or print media. The theory suggests that a lot of learning take place through observation first, prior to doing it personally. Observing the behavior of others influence their behavior especially Adolescents behavior. Therefore, through exposure to the social models, TV audiences and magazine readers who are the potential consumers of the media tend to acquire knowledge on the purchasing opportunity. Martin & Bush (2000) found that adolescents purchasing of product has some impact from the entertainers. Therefore, entertainers are perceived as important roles to our teenagers today, and women as a whole.
Social Learning Theory recognizes that much of human behaviors are learned through watching other people. TV and Magazine provide such model through the actors who display such behavior. This does not apply to only children modeling habit but also to adolescents and adults. Women are of no exception. They too are affected by TV and magazine once they are exposed to the media. If women watch and see the fashion and women dressing, then they will ultimately gain the knowledge on the new fads and trends on the dressing that is contemporary and popular. Although children are good at imitating their idols, no matter who the models are. This is also true for the women` s way of dressing.
Numerous studies have been done on the subject of mass media and its influence. However, most researchers only studied the general concept of mass media and its influence as a whole. The only way to have a more in depth understanding is to first identify the two most...

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