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Compare and Contrast Great Gatsby Essay

  • Submitted by: mlwatson
  • on October 18, 2013
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Compare and Contrast
Tom Buchannan and Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby have completely different personalities, but they are more alike than they appear. They both were attracted to the same woman and where both really wealthy. Tom and Gatsby thought their money could buy them anything they wanted, and they both used their money to impress people. Gatsby used his money to throw big parties to get this girl to come. Tom used his money in every way he could to impress the people around him.
I think the way they got their money reflects in both Tom and Gatsby’s attitudes. Tom is from “old money” meaning he was born into a wealthy family and inherited it.   Because of this, Tom is very shallow and has a rude personality. He does not care about other people as long as it does not affect him. He was no appreciation for anything.
Gatsby was raised uneducated and very poor. He gained his wealth dishonestly. Gatsby is polite, kind, and truly cares about other people. Even though they both show dishonesty throughout the novel, Gatsby just seems like the better person. They are both jealous of one another. Tom wants Gatsby’s nice car, and Gatsby wants Daisy. They both have everything someone could ask for, but they still are not satisfied. This goes to show that money can not buy anything you want, because there is always something you will want but cant have.
These two men have many differences but seem to have some qualities alike. The main quality they share is the way they feel about a woman named Daisy. Each claim to love her, but it seems more of a competition. This competition for her attention leads to a fight. In the end Daisy stays with Tom and Gatsby is killed by jealously.
Tom and Gatsby’s upbringing majorly effects how each one reacts and behaves. Their love of money and power majorly impacts their personalities. Throughout the book Tom is hated more and more while Gatsby grew on me. By the end of the book I found myself routing for Gatsby. The Great Gatsby...

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