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Compare/Contrast Essay

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Living in the digital age has changed the way people interact with each other
and how people complete everyday tasks. Many activities that people once
did in person, they now accomplish online. People use the Internet for professional dealings, social interactions, filing income tax forms, and shopping. There are some similarities between traditional retail stores and online retail stores, but it is the differences that make a substantial difference for the consumer. While it does not support the local economy, along with other disadvantages, online shopping is better for the consumer as it is more cost effective, time saving, and convenient.

Online shoppers spend less money by shopping online than shoppers going to traditional retail stores do. Online shoppers do not have to pay for gas or parking
when they shop. That is one of many money saving advantages of shopping
online. Online retail stores rarely charge sales tax, which is major money saving advantage for online shoppers, especially if they are purchasing big ticket items
such as a television or computer. There are some states that are trying to pass
legislation to force online retail stores to charge sales tax, which is difficult unless
the online store is located in that state. As it stands currently, most online retail shopping is without sales tax.   It should be mentioned, while no sales tax is charges, quite often there are shipping fees charged for items purchased online.
Paying shipping fees compared to not paying sales tax does not diminish the
money saving advantage of shopping online. Many online stores offer free shipping on certain items, adding more to the amount of savings possible.
To follow up on shipping fees, brings up a disadvantage of online shopping,
which is not enjoying your purchase immediately as it must be shipped to you.
Another issue in regards to shipping is you might not like your purchase and
need to return it, which will require shipping it back to the...

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