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Comparing and Contrasting John Proctor and John Hale Essay

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  • on October 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Comparing and Contrasting John Proctor and John Hale" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

People change all the time. They encounter obstacles in their lives that affect how they view themselves, others, and their beliefs. As everyone goes through their own experiences, they learn and decide how they want to think about one thing or another. The characters in Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, are no different. As the Salem Witch Trials take place, each and every character learns something new, and discover a new part of themselves. As they each transform though out the story, it becomes evident that the most prevalent of alterations belong to both John Proctor and Reverend John Hale, who are both strongly affected by the events in Salem.
John Proctor is a local Salem farmer who does not think of himself as a god person; in fact he says, “I am no good man” (Miller 126) while he is speaking to his wife, Elizabeth. It is clear though out the play that he weighs himself down with his sins; that they sit on his back and hunch him over when he walks. Proctor has committed adultery, does not attend church regularly, and does not agree with, or even like, the church’s minister, and thinks himself a fraud. Others are unaware that he views himself this way, but only because Procter brings out his pride and reflects the “perfect image”, or at least how other’s think he should act. On the outside, John Proctor is thought of highly, respected, and even feared. However, on the inside, Proctor is a broken man.
John Hale is the minister from the nearby town Beverly and possibly Proctor’s opposite. He thinks of himself very highly, and, “… feels himself allied with the best minds of Europe…” (Miller 34). Hale storms into Salem, young, full of himself, loaded with knowledge, prepared and ready to rid the town of the Devil’s presence. Hale believes that he is fully capable to detect whether a person is guilty of witchcraft. He is completely confident with what he does and with who is.
As the witch trials spiral out of control, both men take into account their role in...

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