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Comparing The Effect Of The Economic Situation On Essay

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Comparing the effect of the economic situation on the sales of video games.
Jonathan M. Terpak
December 12, 2011

This paper will examine the relationship of   the economy on video game sales. Data on the video game sales and the economy have been collected, and evaluated to see the potential effects. The research looks at the potentials factors that could have an impact on video games sales, the economics’ influence people that encourage them to buy then and how to measure techonology improvements. So this paper will focused on the potential impacts of the economic recession on sales of video game software. Technology has an impact as well because the game has become more realistic and exciting in comparison with the previous games. Through technology changes, the target demographics for video games changed from mid 20s to 30s males to 10 years old all the way up to late 40s and targets both females and males.
So my theory is this, the economic will not have an impact on video games sales in general, with the decline or increase in different types of economic situations, video games will continue to increase no matter what because people will play video games to pass time by.  
History of Video Games
Video games industry has been going through a lot of changes ever since the first video game was created in October 18, 1958. The technology has undergone many improvements throughout the years. Currently video games are experiencing unprecedented improvements especially so over the last 10 to 15 years with many different improvements, there has also been increased interest in those games, and consistent managements in the industry.
Economic Impact
With the current’s economic recession, the thought of the economy’s effect on video game sales was brought in question. Since the video game industry is considered to be growing, would the recession hurt or help video software sales growth. The current’s unemployment rate is near one of the all-time...

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