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Compensation Essay

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BMGT 6311 Human Resources Management
Review#1, EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity)

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Major Thesis
Equal Employment Opportunity continues to be a major problem in the workplace of our society.   There are many barriers and differences that separate employees in the workplace.   The obvious ones are race, gender, sexual orientation, origins, and religion.   Although our nation has made strides in the right direction to change discrimination in the workplace, it still exists.   There are policies that were put in place by the US government that will hopefully continue to serve as a deterrent towards this type of abuse within organizations.   There is also the ability for people to sue organizations for any wrongdoing they may have had to deal with during their time of employment.   There are many cases filed every year by various individuals/groups in an attempt to seek monetary compensation for damages, or to be reinstated in their previous positions within the company.  
Given the fact that there are policies put in place to regulate this type of behavior in organizations and there are avenues for persons seeking retribution for unethical acts, one would think that this subject would not be an issue.   There are a lot of businesses in the open market today that are all competing with each other.   One thing that is extremely important is the image that a company or organization has.   No organization wants a reputation of treating people poorly.   First of all, they may lose creditors and their stock could drop due to the “spooking” of share holders of a company that is labeled as unethical.   Secondly, a company would have to look at who their consumers are.   Their employees are a direct reflection of society, and if a particular group of people is discriminated against, they run the risk of losing that...

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