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Complete Autobiography Essay

  • Submitted by: vivzkieq
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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MY Autobiography
          It was at the month of February 24, in the year of 1985, when a baby girl was born before they break of dawn. This baby was so nice and healthy, and was considered as a blessing to Mrs. Myrna and Mr. Salvador Castillo. This couple named this child as Vivian N Castillo, and that was” Me”. Since I was their first child, they are so very happy and thankful that God gave them a very cute and healthy baby Girl. As the year past, my parents were blessed with another 7 children. And as a first child, I was considered as the big sister to my younger brothers and sisters. My task was to take good care of them and to teach them the correct way of being a good daughter and son to our parents.
        When I was at the age of 7, I started to go to school and learn how to count and sing ABC’s. Since I am a shy girl, my elementary years were not very nice, because I don’t have so many friends. I’m always alone, and I didn’t mingle to other children, because I feel shy and afraid that they will hurt me. The same as to my high school years, but when the time goes by, I learn to realize that it is not good to be alone. So, I started to mingle other people and I gain more friends. I was very happy that time because I am already friendly and have so many friends, but there’s worst thing to me. I was always absent to my class, because I’m working to help my parents .I try to prove to other people that I am not only a student and a burden to my parents, but instead I can also be a good daughter and   I can help my family through this thing.
When I was in 3rd year high school in Pototan National Comprehensive High School, there’s many trials encountered also and some troubles to my studies. My parents decide to go back in place of Masbate where they born. The reason is my grandfather is die so we need to go in a possible in there place to attend the burial and to stay there also near at my relatives. The moment in time when go there after closing in...

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