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Components of Analysis/Ap Language

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Components of Analysis/AP Language

Purpose, Context, Speaker/ Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Any analysis must begin with the purpose of the text.   For any text to exist, first there needs to be an occasion, an impetus--in formal discussions of rhetoric, it is usually referred to as exigence--that which motivated the text. Exigence precedes a text, so exigence does not equal purpose.   Purpose is what the text, created in response to the exigence is intended to do.

    • Example: A eulogy is written in response to an exigence, a community’s sorrow, grief, and need to formalize the death of a member of its community; however, the purpose of a eulogy is most likely to honor the deceased.

The purpose of any given text can vary tremendously.   The purposes of texts can be multiple as well.   A single text, for example, can accomplish one or more of the following purposes:

    • To record information

    • To help someone retain information

    • To explain processes

    • To communicate facts or ideas to someone else

    • To explore significant and/or mixed feelings

    • To figure out what one really means or thinks about a subject

    • To demonstrate knowledge to others

    • To share information with others

    • To persuade others that they should adopt a new course of action or change opinions

    • To evaluate the perspectives of others

When considering the notion of context, consider all the possible things that influence the context of any written text:

    • The time period a text was written

    • The significant events occurring during that time period

    • The physical or virtual place the text was produced and the primary features of that place

    • The primary methods of communication during that time--consider, for example, the potential differences between a telegraph message and an email message

    • The cultural groups (primary or marginalized) involved as subjects of the text and/or as the...

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