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Composition 2 Essay

  • Submitted by: sweets88
  • on October 17, 2013
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Jolanda Shivers
October 16, 2013
ENC 1102-10 Composition II

Part 1: Generate a list of narrative essay components (refer back to pages 46-59 in your textbook). Write a one two sentence description of each component.

-Thesis/main point of the paper. Thesis is the starting point you can give the readers some idea of what they are about to read in the body paragraphs.
-Narration in your own words retell the story.
-Allusion giving readers detail information about what they reading so the reader can imagine that they was actual there.
-Dialogue conversions between two people this allows you to see more than one point of view in the story.
-Using Figurative Language
=Hyperbole/deliberate exaggeration
=Simile/comparison of two unrelated things
=Metaphor/ two things that have the same characteristics
=Understatement/something that seem small but really it’s bigger
-Choosing details makes your writing better for readers to cont. to read on.
-Making sure your sentence make sense and also make sure the sentence has an importance to the reader because you don’t want anybody to put down your paper and forget about it.
-Revision go over your work before you submit it make corrections if you have to.

Part 2: Explain what strategies you will use to select a topic for an essay (see page 40 in your textbook) and then refine that topic. You should write one two paragraph for this part.
Frist thing I would do is brainstorm over the topics that I have provided in my writing in my head. Then I will pick out a topic after I got done brainstorming that has good detail information that is easier for me to find. Maybe I would go far the hardest topic that I don’t know anything about so that I can learn something new as I do my paper. Everything really depends on my brainstorming and how much time that have before I submit my essay.

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