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Comprehensive Security Plan

  • Submitted by: hipknotique
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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The following is a comprehensive security plan for a small Bank
Included in the floor plan are:
• Floor Plan
• List of Threats
• A risk assessment for each threat
• Current vulnerability gaps
• Countermeasures
• Physical security
• Information security
• Personal security
• liability issues
• Emergency plan for Bomb threat and fire.

These are the list of treats that a bank is at risk, for instance:
• Access control
• Fire
• Environmental
• Bank robberies
• Money transfer
• Counterfeit
• ID theft

          The way about and access of the rooms that are not fortified should remain unknown to the public or the visitors. These areas should remaining unknown and not accessible to visitors and the outside public. Any room which is not fortified must not have access to the outside of the bank.   The rooms, for example, the restrooms that are used by the general public must have locks, safety doors, cameras in hallways, and widows, which are located on the outer part of the building. There is external lighting automated to switch on or off at certain times of the day. These devices are tested regularly. Other important security measures are locks on drawers, doors, and cupboards or safe that is not in use or immediately after use.  

      Areas that prove to be hazardous should be identified, and recorded, and alternative measures should be applied for safety measures. There should be no inherent dangers in the makeup of the building materials. All rooms and hallways in the bank are monitored with the exception of the restroom The building exterior have reinforced construction, and the parking lot has video surveillance,   which is connected to the security manager’s offices. There is a log to track any unusual movements of vehicles and visitors on the premises.  
        Only people with security clearance should have access to the vaults, and procedures must be in place for accessible people to obtain in using the vaults. The protocols...

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