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Computer Essay

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The Computer this day and age is coming to its peak as the module for the super information high way. I have noticed rising prices for the personal computer as sold from the common dealers such as Dell, Gateway and Macintosh. These overly priced computers are a rip, ranging anywhere from 999.99 to 1,300.00 dollars. This is outrageous; the pieces needed to build a computer are so inexpensive these days it would be idiotic not to build it yourself. The increased demand for computers has inflated the price of a tailor made computer that large companies make nearly 50 percent profits from each computer they make. I understand that the only thing stopping people from making their own computer is the "know how" of putting the parts together, like it takes some kind of bachelors in computer engineering to manifest a computer. But I reassure you it doesn't.

            First and foremost before you begin, you must purchase all the parts or hardware that you intend on putting in your computer. There are "computer shows" listed in every Sunday paper, this is by far your best chance of gaining cheap effective computer parts, not to mention the added bonus of being able to ask questions about your purchase to real individuals selling the hardware. Not to mention, if you need to ask a question about compatibility because it's not written on the box, anyone selling merchandise will be able to answer any question you throw at them. They live for computers and are the most knowledgeable around. There is usually a cover charge to enter the show but not more than a couple of dollars.

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