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Computer Security Essay

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Date: Sunday, September 30, 2012
Case Study
Computer security is not an issue for organizations alone. Anyone whose personal computer is connected to a network or the Internet faces a potential risk of attack. Identify all the potential security threats on a personal computer. Identify some of the techniques an attacker might employ to access information on the system.
Computer Security
Computer Security on a Personal Computer
Recent statistics show that a large percentage of people have the notion that computer security is an issue that only affects organizations. Many people believe that, at a personal level, there is little that one can have to do with their information especially because they don’t see if someone may need their information. In contrast, there is a lot of useful informational that a third party may obtain from a personal computer that the user may not even realize (Barrett, 2009). For instance, a user may be having sensitive information that would lead to his or her private life secrets, or even crucial financial information. Such information can be used by attackers to monitor their internet activities, while they are logged in their personal computer whether at a local network, or on the internet. The victim’s sensitive information can be shared over the internet, or sold to third-parties such as advertisers and criminals among others (AmeComputers, 2012). As such, it is important that serious security measures are taken to protect one’s personal computer from such security issues. This paper, therefore, seeks to justify the need for computer security by investigating the potential security risks on a personal computer.
2.0 Potential Security Threats on a Personal Computer
Apparently, there are numerous security threats that an individual on a personal computer is exposed to, provided they are connected through a local network or the internet (Barrett, 2009; Gregg, 2006). This is because information is crucial; hence, people and...

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