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Conflict, Decision Making, and Organizational Design Essay

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Conflict, Decision Making, and Organizational Design |


        How would I apply negotiation strategies to address potential conflicts in the workplace? According to Hellriegel/Slocum, p.395 “Negotiation is a process in which two or more interdependent individuals or groups who perceive that they have both common and conflicting goals state and discuss proposals and preferences for specific terms of a possible agreement” It is difficult to negotiate any situation when the parties involved have their minds set on being right and there should always be a mediator involved that can be bias, to help them come to some common ground where each individual is happy with the decision that has been made. Disputes between employees are common and inevitable. The difficult decision is when to step in, says Joseph F. Byrnes, professor of management at Bentley College’s Graduate School in Waltham, Mass. “Give the warring parties a chance to resolve it on their own,” he says. “The time to take action is when things get out of hand, and the problems are affecting their work or disrupting other people’s work.”(businessmanagementdaily.com)
    Workplace conflict is something that’s going to take place, because we have work with a diverse of people with different goals that can cause conflict. All conflict is not bad it allows growth personally, professionally and something good or bad can come out of the situation, which the company can benefit from.
      I worked for Ramseur Homes, LLC, where my position was Medical Records Clerk. Our old HR quit and was replaced with the owner’s childhood friend and college roommate. Unknowing

to my manager and I, we were called into HR first thing one morning and were told that she was now our supervisor, I looked at my manager and she looked at me, both in awe. She proceeded to lay down the law; and made all sorts of changes. I was now not only the medical records clerk, but also the receptionist; this...

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